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Weisshorn Bear

The photo opportunity 2,653 metres above sea level

At the summit of the Weisshorn there is a new photo opportunity with the Weisshorn bear, which most definitely contributes to a unique panoramic view.

Bändel am Weisshorn Bär sollen ein schönes Fell ergeben

There, at the top of the mountain, the strong bear stands proud with courage beyond compare and interminable fortitude, watching over Arosa and its guests, as well as over every living thing that prospers in awe and enjoyment from the valley floor to the top of the mountain. Take a wish ribbon and tie it to the fur of the Arosa Weisshorn bear on the plateau at the top of the mountain. Don’t forget to make a wish after you’ve attached your ribbon. The Arosa ribbons are free, but all donations are welcome.

Create the bear’s coat

The ribbons (e.g. fortune ribbons, wish ribbons, Arosa ribbons, bear ribbons, friendship ribbons and so on) should be attached to the bear so that gradually a “coat” is created.

Where can you obtain the ribbons?

The ribbons are available from the valley station of the Weisshorn cableway, the intermediate station, at the summit and at the Guest Information Centre of the Arosa Tourist Office.